Momentive Rebranding


Dear Valued Customer:

Momentive Performance Materials has identified your facility as a possible purchasing location of

materials listed in the attached table. Please forward this notification to any other appropriate personnel

and/or locations within your company that you feel should be notified. Distributors, please forward this

notification to your customers of the materials listed. 


This letter is to inform you that we will be changing our labels and package graphics to reflect our

updated corporate logo and color schemes. While the cartridge and tube graphics will change, the

product names (Such as RTV108) will remain the same. An example of the new graphics is provided on

the 2nd page of this letter, as is a complete list of the materials impacted by the change.


Initially this change will only be made for materials manufactured and packaged in our US operations.

We plan to expand the use of the new graphics to all facilities by the end of this year. Customers will be

notified accordingly as the implementation is completed in other regions. 


This will be a rolling change as stock levels of the old packaging are depleted. Please note that for some

materials, temporary labels will be applied to the cartridges and tubes in order to comply with the

Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals implementation in the US on

June 1. The labels will only be used until the old packaging materials are depleted, after which time the

required hazard statements and GHS pictograms will be incorporated into the new packaging.  


With the exception of this change, the grades listed above will be manufactured using the same material

inputs, from the same sources of supply, on the same production systems, according to the same base

formulations, and will continue to meet all test specifications reported in our certificate of analysis.


If you have questions, please contact your local Momentive sales representative. Alternatively, you can 

contact me by phone at 07132 / 9969 - 20 or by email at




Michael Ruß 

Global Product Manager – Electronic Materials 

Contact: Phone : 07132 / 9969 - 20


(Die Tabelle mit den betreffenden Klebern der IS und RTV Serie kann auf Anfrage gerne zugesandt werden.)