MOMENTIVE: Product Notification – Raw Material Source Update


Dear Valued Customer:


Momentive Performance Materials has identified your facility as a possible purchasing location of the

grade listed above. Please forward this notification to any other appropriate personnel and/or locations

within your company that you feel should be notified. Distributors, please forward this notification to your

customers of the grade in the table on page 2 of this letter. 


This letter is to inform you that we will begin to utilize an additional source of supply for one of the raw

materials used to formulate the grades listed on page 2. These grades are all currently manufactured in

our Waterford, NY facility. 


This raw material from the additional source of supply was qualified and has been used in the production

of similar formulations at our facility in Bergen Op Zoom, Netherlands since 2014. Moving forward we

expect to use the additional source interchangeably with current sources as needed to meet customer

demand. This change will be effective in 30 days.   


With the exception of this change, the grade listed above will be manufactured using the same material

inputs, from the same sources of supply, according to the same base formulations, in the same

production location and equipment, and will continue to meet all test specifications reported in our

certificate of analysis.


If you have questions, please contact your local Momentive sales representative. Alternatively, you can

contact me by phone at 07132 / 9969 - 20 or by email at


We apologize for any inconvenience.




Michael Ruß

Produkt Marketing Klebstoffe