HolyStone MLCC


Dear Business Partner

Maybe you are already experiencing some difficulties in acquiring high capacitance MLCC’s from some of the large global manufacturers and the situation seems to becoming quite serious.

The main problem at present is affecting the demand for X5R parts, however we are also seeing some increased demand for X7R ranges too. The underlying problem appears to be caused by the lack of supply from the leading manufacturers who typically focus on these ranges and this is having a knock on affect to ourselves and other manufacturers.

In general the high cap, low voltage X5R parts are not the main focus for HolyStone and therefore we have limited capacity in our factory to support these products. Basically due to the shortage from manufacturers who are typically focused in this area, the customer demand for these parts produced by HolyStone has also increased considerably.

HolyStone’s intention is to try our best to support our existing customer base and we will not offer any capacity to new customers who are simply looking for a way of acquiring products quickly, irrespective of any price they are willing to pay in order to achieve this.

We are now forced to increase our lead time on X5R parts to 24 weeks from receipt of order and in many cases these will have to be placed on a NCNR basis.

If achievable, we may be in a position to offer equivalent parts utilising our X7R dielectrics with a much improved lead time. If we are able to do this, our sales office contacts will advise you at the time of enquiry. However please be informed that the ability to do this is rather limited and is not available for a lot of values/case sizes.

Regarding future lead time changes, our sales office will advise accordingly.  

Best Regards

SINUS Electronic GmbH (distribution HolyStone (Europe) Ltd.)

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